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We are a church committed to the Word of God. Jesus Christ is the "Word made flesh," the "Living Word," and we are committed to Him. We are also committed to the Bible as the inspired, accurately revealed, Word of God.  We are committed to the fulfillment of the great commission, which involves reaching out to and "making disciples of all the nations."As we reach out we want to change the way our community thinks about Jesus and the Church.  We believe we can accomplish this by our love and commitment for one another as we develop disciples who will share and pass their faith on to new disciples.  We'll also add to our impact by generously giving of our time and resources to the community in which we live, and by planting a new church campus within the first 10 years in order to increase our reach of people who need to know Jesus.

Crossings Christian Church


Our mission as a church is simple:"Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known."

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  • Encounter Jesus.  Jesus is the one who calls us and connects us together.  Jesus is the one who provides salvation not just for the future, but for a changed life today.

  • Explore God’s Word.  The Bible is our authority on how to live a Christ-like life.  The Bible is more than ancient words, it is relevant for living fullness of life today.

  • Embrace Fellowship.  When we believe in Jesus Christ and are baptized into him, we are also united with him.  This makes us uniquely and undeniably connected as one.  Therefore, we choose to always stand with one another.

  • Engage The Community.  We exist primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet part of our fellowship.  We choose to reach out to those who are in need of God’s love in real and tangible ways.

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In order to know Jesus and to make Him known, . . .​

  • “Have I met with God today?”  Every believer connects with God and our church family.  We believe this happens through faith in Jesus and as we allow it to radically transform who we are.  As a result, we make our weekly worship service a priority and choosing to view ourselves linked together.

  • “Do I have any 2 AM friends?”  Every believer experiences community with one another.  Because no one does well living the Christian life alone, we want to facilitate encouraging relationships in your life.  Small Groups are an opportunity for you to get to know others on a deeper level.​

  • “Am I generous giver with my gifts, abilities, time, and money?”  Every believer shows compassion for his or her neighbors.  It begins when we use our spiritual gifts and abilities in at least one ministry within the church as well as reaching out to those outside the church.

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